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Children of the Bear, hearken to my words:
Be always vigilant.
Learn for yourselves that which your forebears imparted So easily and freely;
Demand of yourselves
The foresight of Jorgensson
And the courage of Tseng;
Through them, we are strong.
To them a debt is owed,
Repaid through loyalty undying and Character unflinching.

-From the Oath of Acceptance, Clan Ghost Bear
May 23, 2015, 09:48:44 PM by NoXoN | Views: 1 | Comments: 0

Taking a look at some of the changes from the latest quirk pass.

May 14, 2015, 09:15:24 AM by NoXoN | Views: 3 | Comments: 0

Tonight's episode revisits the Nova Dual Clan ERPPC Pop tart build.  New quirks have made this a mid tier mech again so I gave it a spin.

Skip ahead to 1 minute 40 Secs to get right into the action.

May 12, 2015, 06:48:44 PM by Aiden II | Views: 14 | Comments: 0


1st BG     14      154      11.0        11.2%     7.6%
50th SC    29      430      14.8        23.2%    21.2%
139th SH   10      188      18.8         8.0%     9.3%
12th BC    26      523      20.1        20.8%    25.8%
304th AC   19      477      25.1        15.2%    23.5%
123rd Sbkn 19      190      10.0        15.2%     9.4%
Unassigned  8       67       8.4         6.4%     3.3%

Alpha Glxy 53      772      14.6        54.1%    43.6%
Beta Glxy  45     1000      22.2        45.9%    56.4%

Individual scores link
May 10, 2015, 07:53:29 PM by NoXoN | Views: 5 | Comments: 0

A night of playing in Sarah's Mech in remembrance of a two year anniversary.

April 28, 2015, 06:03:58 AM by Himmelganger | Views: 13 | Comments: 0

During the battle for Tukayyid, a lone defender in the canyons of Hellbore Springs challenges the warriors of Clan Ghost Bear to zellbrigen duels. Seeing a worthy opponent first MW Jason, then SCol Tenore, meet the worthy challenger in single combat. If we ever see Looke Groundrunner of 1COG we shall give him the respect he has earned for showing himself as an honorable warrior, worthy of our friendship. Warriors, remember this warrior and offer him no umbrage, show him the courtesy worthy of an honorable enemy, and take him bondsman if possible.

For those of you who have bandwith to burn and fast internet I have also included the orginal video file which is unedited and a bit longer, but is not compressed by Youtube and as such much more beautiful. The video was filmed with Nvidia Shadowplay, at 1440...
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