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Children of the Bear, hearken to my words:
Be always vigilant.
Learn for yourselves that which your forebears imparted So easily and freely;
Demand of yourselves
The foresight of Jorgensson
And the courage of Tseng;
Through them, we are strong.
To them a debt is owed,
Repaid through loyalty undying and Character unflinching.

-From the Oath of Acceptance, Clan Ghost Bear
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Timber Wolf
Produced on the sacred world of Strana Mechty and first encountered on The Rock by the Inner Sphere in 3049, the Timber Wolf is fast and powerful. A prime example of efficient Clan design.

Sporting a battery of lasers, twin machine guns and twin LRM-20s, it is able to engage enemies at all ranges; and with over 27 tons of space available for weapons, the Timber Wolf is a customizer's dream, able to load as much weaponry as many Assault Mechs.

Weapons and Equipment
The default configuration of the Timber Wolf features a blend of energy and missile weaponry; primarily ER lasers and LRMs, giving the Timber Wolf considerable power at mid- and long-ranges. It also comes equipped with an...
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Bear's Den, Free Rasalhague Republic

14, December 3050

It has come to the Watch's understanding that a new report has been sent out among the Inner Sphere.

Prepare your ears for the influx of new information from the Inner Sphere surats.

following is from Paul Inouye, Lead Designer of MWO

Hi folks...
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Vipaava, Free Rasalhague Republic

28 August 3050

With great surprise and pleasure the 22nd Rasalhagian Free Company did indeed honour their batchall. The 23BC - Alpha Battle Star and 76Sn - Alpha Nova Star found the 22nd Free Company lined up along the far ridge of the Lion's Den as they had bid. The Free Company was comprised of a Company of Mechs and two regiments of infantry, this was nothing to our 'trinary' of troops. The Alpha Nova Star of Beta Galaxy's 76th Supernova entered combat first. The Free Rasalhagian troops fared no chance to our Warriors with a number of bondsmen taken for their showing of the Way of the Warrior, and our remembrance of the teachings of Op:Klondike. No doubt a number of these bondsmen will become abtahka and re-enter the Clan into our freeborn ranks.

The population of Vipaava surrendered when they learned the fate of their warriors. The blessed order of ComStar is ass...
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Cameron Battlecruiser Dieron's Run
Polcenigo System, Ghost Bear Occupation Zone
August 05 3050

Ghost Bear forces have completed the Third wave of Operation Revival. Khan Jorgennson has seen to it that follies of Karl Bjorn will not be repeated. The Khan has made sure to have our forces well supplied before we procede with wave 4 of Operation Revival. This is estimated of a three week delay. A Cluster that was dispactched from the Home Worlds to replace the loss of the a cluster in Beta Galaxy should arrive in time for the fourth wave

Clan Ghost Bear has conquered 3 Planets.
Last Frontier, FRR
Radije, FRR
Polcenigo, DC



Cameron Battlecruiser Dieron's Run
Polcenigo System, Ghost Bear Occupation Zone
August 20 3050
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Policenigo System, Draconis Combine

27 July 3050

The 304th assault cluster landed on policenigo directly in the middle of a popular uprising. The battalion of Draconis mechs found themselves under attack from two sides; the locals have gained enough courage from the appearance of the mighty Ghost Bear forces come to liberate them from their barbarian oppressors.

While locals launched guerrilla actions against government troops and supply caches, the Howling Bears launched a direct assault of the enemy battlemechs. The defending troops soon retreated to a specialty drug network of tunnels that extended into the mountains, and though the grateful populace made valiant efforts to aid the 304th in rooting them out, the Cluster had failed to account for nearly 30 percent of the house troops.

The citizens gladly accepted the Clan way and our administrations. By order of Khan Jorgensson, civilian popul...
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