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World of Warships - Clan Battles
« on: November 10, 2017, 03:23:42 PM »
I am without real knowledge on this but thought I would share the wiki post.

WOWS wiki - clan battles

Available to players of Account Level 15 and higher, Clan Battles offer players the opportunity to team up with their clan mate and face off against teams from other clans in epic sea battles. Ascending to the Typhoon league and playing enough games there will reward players with a commemorative flag, and if they are able to repeat the feat across several seasons, they can earn unique reward ships!

Game Format
Season 1 of Clan Battles became active with Update 0.6.12. For the inaugural season, divisions for Clan Battles must be formed under the following restrictions:
A Clan Division must be led by a Clan commander or deputy commander.
Seven players group up and enter the queue simultaneously (they do not have to be from the same clan).
Players may only queue for Clan Battles between the hours of 20:00 - 23:00 Eastern Time (17:00 - 20:00 Pacific Time) on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
Only Tier X ships may be used.
Only one (1) battleship is allowed.
No aircraft carriers are allowed.
There are no restrictions on the quantity of destroyers and cruisers a team may take.

The Clan Battle configuration of "Mountain Range".
Only four maps are available for Season 1 of Clan Battles:
"Islands of Ice"
"Mountain Range"
"Sea of Fortune"

Each map appears in a domination point configuration unique to Clan Battles. These new capture point configurations still present a team with the challenge of splitting up or staying together; aggressive maneuvers should pay more dividends than a defensive stance, hopefully leading to battles that are more dynamic and more variable game tactics. More maps will be added into the rotation gradually in order to support a more dynamic play experience.
Rental Ships
Players without a Tier X ship that wish to participate in Clan Battles will have access to a limited pool of rental ships. Each group of available ships includes one destroyer, one cruiser, and one battleship; the available ships will rotate approximately every three weeks until the release of Update 0.6.15 and the conclusion of Season 1.
Ships available during Update 0.6.12 are:
  Destroyer Shimakaze
  Cruiser Zao
  Battleship Großer Kurfürst

Ships available during Update 0.6.13 will be:
  Destroyer Grozovoi
  Cruiser Hindenburg
  Battleship Montana

Ships available during Update 0.6.14 will be:
  Destroyer Gearing
  Cruiser Moskva
  Battleship Yamato

Rental ships operate under the following rules:
Players receive these ships temporarily, and the ships are removed when Season 1 of Clan Battles ends.
They can only be used in Clan Battles.
Rental ships cannot mount camouflage.
Commanders may be re-assigned to rental ships without penalty.
Rental ships generate the same amount of credits, experience, Free XP, and Commander XP as ordinary ships.
When rental ships are removed: their Commanders are automatically sent to the Reserve; any upgrades, consumables, and signals are moved to the Inventory; experience earned with a rented ship is transferred to the starting ship of the respective nation.
If the ships have alternative modules — such as Shimakaze’s torpedoes — they can be mounted at no cost.

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