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0.8.5 Hotfix
« on: May 23, 2017, 03:05:59 PM »
Patch 0.8.5 is out. This mainly addresses several client and server stability issues.

You will need to download a full 1.2 GB patch but it will get any 0.8.x version up to date
Download page

Code: [Select]
Version 0.8.5

------ KNOWN ISSUES ------

- At the first launch, the game might give you a warning for modified files, and therefore crash.
Workaround is just to restart the game.

- All the manual changes made to Server.cfg will be lost if you use the Server Configuration prompt of the Launcher.

- Pulse lasers occasionally fire an additional laser pulse
- "Pilot Splat Syndrome": Sometimes, when you're landing, the pilot will die, leaving the asset intact. This, unlike the (now fixed) Runway Fireball Syndrome, though, happens very rarely.
- In the Coupled Unlocked Reticle mode, when the reticle is very close to the center of the screen, the torso will stop moving, but the reticle will keep trying to recenter

- Certain HUD elements might overlap other UI elements

- Ballistic and missile weapons readiness sounds play also when the weapon is empty
- Ballistic and missile readiness sounds will also play on the reload of an ammo ton and may overlap the ammo reload sound
- Laser readiness sounds will even play when you leave your asset
- Playback of reload sounds may fail on auto-reload and are outright broken on MRMs for the MRM to function correctly as a weapon

- DirectInput Joystick support has been removed due to instability. You can continue using your joystick by following this guide:

------ BUG FIXES ------

- Fixed a certain number of crashes to desktop caused by particle effects

- Fixed wrong Sulla damage modifiers


- Added sensitivity modifier for the floating reticle while zooming
- Base AMS now will shoot down bombs
- Corsair C variant updated
- Hawkmoth G variant updated
- Long Tom Short Range ammo area of blast decreased by 33%
- Long Tom Long Range ammo area of blast increased by 33%
- Air medium and small lasers now have a 1.3x damage modifier against other aircraft
- Air RAC5 spread decrease

--- AUDIO ---

- Replaced reload beep with a less aggressive one-shot
- Fixed PPC / ERPPPC readiness sounds

--- NETWORK ---

- Corrected network scheduling for various assets to improve performance

--- CAMO ---

- Enhancement to Green, Red, Yellow and Exotic camos