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MechWarrior Table Top
« on: February 09, 2018, 01:26:57 PM »

This is not set in stone i am only looking to see if their is any interested  in such a thing


who would be interested in doing a camapin of MW set around 3050 (ish) period were the group can be anything (faction, clan, merc, Pirate ect)

possible idea's
player run faction (this includes clans)
players trying to control the galaxy (making factory's, army's taking planet's ect)
planet's mean something i.e is it a Military strong point denying enamys passage or a food world to keep your people happy. ect

those are a few things i have in mind be seeing as this is about the players you could be anything. So if people would like to see thing post in the topic, pm me or come and have a chat to me on TS

people who are interested i will need to talk to so i know what the group would like to be