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MWLL Operation Viper 2
« on: June 16, 2014, 09:09:09 PM »

Operation Viper 2

* Saturday June 28-Sunday June 29
0:00 gmt Saturday 03:00 gmt Monday

Come one, come all. Sign up in advance as an individual or as a team in the thread. You can show up even if you dont!

Operation Viper 2 is being planned using the framework from the original Operation Viper.

Operation Viper is designed as a two day planetary campaign. Two factions, the Clans and Inner Sphere will fight for planetary possession on a section of the Inner Sphere Map from 3057, centered around the Arc-Royal Defense Cordon.

The campaign will take place from the start of the day Saturday lasting through 03:00am gmt Monday.

Battles will be fought for planet possession. Whenever an attacker wins a battle, the attacked planet changes owners. Game modes will be everything from the now-famous 5vs5 LMS, over TC and TSA, up to never-seen-before stuff like team-SA and other surprises. We hope to provide a wide variety of challenges for you, that you havent yet experienced in organized play.

Some planets contain mech factories or special resources. These give the faction which possesses them certain advantages (e.g. denies the opposing team access to the mech whose factory was captured).

At the start, each faction owns 30 planets on the campaign map. Whichever faction has the majority of planets in at least 2 sectors at the end of the campaign is the winner.

Games will be played in TC mode when there are 6 or more players per side, as tonnage-based drops when there are 4 or more players per side, and in TSA mode when there are 1 or more players per side.

There will be a map pack available for download in the event thread,20405.0.html that will contain all of the maps needed to play in the event.

All assets will be available (depending on the map). No more than 1 APC may be built for a drop. No more than 5 BA may be taken into a drop. Games will be played in puretech mode when possible. For drops, the Innersphere team will play with 360 tons available while Clan will play with 320 tons (,17371.0.html). No repeating assets during a single drop (ie. dont take two Shadowcat Cs in the same drop).

Star Map PDF!146&authkey=!ANg5tRZM7sbxZuU&ithint=file%2c.pdf

BKS Aerospace Invitational Saturday June 21 Sun June 22

Event Thread

Our friends in the sky have been overlooked for too long! I say to you good Battletech pilots, that enough is enough! Announcing the BKS Aerospace Invitational, the tournament designed for aerospace pilots! This Saturday June 21 and Sunday June 22, BKS will host a single elimination bracket tournament.

Each match will consist of the best of 3 maps. There are 4 divisions of aerospace and vtol that will be randomly selected for each match . This is being done as a compromise between allowing all assets and competitive game play. Additionally,  there will be no repeating variants. Each map will consist of a 2 minute build time and a 15 mintues time limit.

Players are encouraged to signup here. Players are also encouraged to signup if they have the slighest interest in the tournament. A system is in place to allow the bracket to continue smoothly if any pilots miss the match.Teamspeak is not required but encouraged. We can meet on the BKS teamspeak,, on Saturday. Tournament officials will be availalbe the entire day. There will be a bracket printed up. Seeds and match ups will be random. Finalized bracket will be posted no later than Friday.  Tournament will run the entire day, 12am GMT Saturday until 3am GMT Sunday. Feel free to contact me via a post or pm if you have any questions.

Map 1. TSA Dogfight.
Map 2. TSA Urban Jungle
Map 3. TC Enkelaudus.

Division 1
Sulla 45 tons
Corsair 50 tons
Donar 21 tons
Hawkmoth 25 tons

Division 2
Visigoth 60 tons
Shiva 85 tons

Division 3
Sparrowhawk 30 tons
Donar 21 tons
Hawkmoth 25tons

Division 4
Open Division
All Assets allowed

BKS Duelist  8)

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Re: MWLL Aerospace Tournament; MWLL The FInal Assault: Operation Viper 2
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2014, 10:19:47 PM »
as a dedicated visgoth pilot, i am all for this. my internet on the other hand is another matter enterily. while it might be more too shitty to play in this tourny, i was a decided CAS and interceptor pilot for my little group of arma guys, i still know my way around a fight stick, and be more than willing to school some of my more grounded sibkin and trothkin the fine art that is the subtle ebb and flow, the tranquil dance that is aerial combat.

( 0h, and for the few of you here that played warthunder with me, ya dun know shit. play it on realistic with out getting shot and come back to me)

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Re: MWLL Operation Viper 2
« Reply #2 on: June 23, 2014, 02:15:39 AM »
We would be honored by the presence of Clan Ghost Bear for Operation Viper. I wish you good fortune in all of your MWO endeavours.

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Re: MWLL Operation Viper 2
« Reply #3 on: July 04, 2014, 10:18:49 PM »

Gamespy is still up so  8)

We are continuing Operation Viper 2

*Saturday July 4-Sunday July 5
16:00gmt-0:00gmt both days.

Fights might happen between times if battle supervisor is present.

Meet at or . Best of luck in your clans activiies.


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